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Our mission is to help you achieve optimum mind, body and spiritual health so you can navigate life relaxed with ease and grace

Relaxed Living offers a variety of services to individualsgroups, and corporations in Delray Beach Florida and surrounding areas. We create customized tools and resources for self-care through yogameditationmassagephysical therapymindfulness living, energy cultivation, and using food as medicine.


Experienced Yogi Kim Hough offers Corporate Health and Workplace Wellness Packages to Palm Beach County and Broward

Corporate Health & Workplace Wellness
Promote a more productive and peaceful work environment and enhance your team’s health with yoga, meditation, stress reduction techniques and massage.

Kim Hough brings over 14 years of experience in Yoga, Massage, Meditation, and Nutrition to private sessions in to Palm Beach County and Broward

Private In Home Yoga & Meditation
Our sessions accommodate the most hectic of schedules and allow you to focus on personal interests, concerns, and goals.

Kim Hough will pamper you and your friends with luxurious in-home spa parties

In-Home Spa Parties
Celebrate a special occasion – pamper yourself, spouse, visiting family and friends in the comfort of your own home – we’ll bring the spa to you!

Kim Hough provides guided mindfulness hikes in Palm Beach County and Broward

Guided Mindfulness Hikes
Our private guided Mindfulness hikes will help you gain a heightened state of awareness for greater focus, productivity, to reduce stress and discover our way of Relaxed Living!

Kim Hough provides public yoga and meditation workshops for all difficulties in Palm Beach County and Broward

Yoga & Meditation Workshops
Open a dialogue between your mind, body, and spirit! You can’t attain inner peace if you are fighting with yourself and your thoughts!

Kim Hough provides expert private massage sessions in Palm Beach County and Broward

Private In Home Massage
Custom bodywork and balancing your energy helps your body activate its own restorative powers creating a wonderful way to engage fully in your own healing!

Kim Hough will make a personalized medical and therapeutic yoga session for the disabled

Medical & Therapeutic Yoga with Massage
We work in partnership with medical doctors to support your health and well-being! We treat clients with health issues like Auto-Immune Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, etc.

Kim Hough shows how to make nutritional dietary choices to make you healthier.

Nutritional Education
How and what we consume in our meals makes a difference. Learn a variety of dietary choices that provide an empowering means to prevent and even treat many diseases. 

Kim Hough offers full retreats and excursions in Palm Beach County and Broward

Retreats & Excursions
Harmony of mind, body, and spirit is the pathway to health and happiness, but to reach harmony, sometimes one must retreat.  

See What People are Saying

  • I have experienced both in home massage along with attended the workshops- 5 stars on both- have a learned alot through my journey with Relaxed Living!

    Sheila Cane

    I found Kim on a Google search and could not be more pleased with her services. I had an injury causing quite a bit of pain and she eased it up tremendously. I would highly recommend her.

    hilary bell
  • I took my first class with Kim on Thanksgiving morning. It was a Stretch, Tone and Balance class located under the trees, near the water in Veteran's Park in Delray. Since then I have taken her class each week religiously and the change in how my body feels is remarkable! I have always carried tension in my neck and traps and now the tightness and pain have disappeared! My neck actually feels longer. I highly recommend either taking a class with Kim or working with her privately if you want to improve the way your body feels. It may not seem like you are doing a lot but the health benefits are amazing!

    Lisa Walsh

    Kim was amazing! The work she did was like having a massage therapist, life coach, therapist and meditation expert all in one. I would absolutely recommend her to family and friends. And bonus— she comes to you!

    Claudia Tufaro
  • Top notch service

    Edward Jameson

    Kim is is more than a yoga instructor, she teaches intuitive embodiment and movement, and breath work. My nervous system was completely calm after her inspiring New Year’s day class. As the author of the forthcoming yoga poetry book, A Poem For Every Pose, I highly recommend taking any class you can with her!

    Corie Feiner
  • Started 2024 with a perfect yoga class outside with Kim. Relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Look forward to more classes with her.


    I attended a Burning Bowl event with Kim and it was wonderful! The energy was welcoming and positive, the experience was transformational and I left feeling lighter, happier and ready to embrace 2024! I highly recommend her to all!

    Linda Fisher
  • I first came across while attending her yoga classes, as well as her meditation workshops. I was so impressed with those offerings, that I decided to give her massage a try. My massage from Kim was totally top notch. Everything from her demeanor to the quality of her linen sheets were different from most other therapists I have had come over. Just very professional and very caring. She really had the details covered. And her massage techniques were amazing. Flowing and fluid at certain times, firmer pressure where needed at other times. It really was a great soothing, healing mix. I highly recommend Kim and the energy she exudes. She really makes a difference.

    Kasey Robinson

    I spent an amazing morning with Kim, working on strengthening my back. I felt so good after our session, and highly recommend her for any issues, or just to feel better!

    Sarah Falgoust
  • Kim was amazing. My first yoga class ever. She was patient, welcoming and helpful. While I'm quite active, it was nice to stretch and give my body something different for an activity. I would definitely recommend her and her classes.

    Pam McArthur

    Kim is an amazing instructor! Her lesson was a perfectly curated routine that offered a restorative mental and physical experience. Kim is especially skilled at helping her clients get the most out of each position through detailed explanations of slight variations and adjustments. Can't wait to get to work with her again!

    Kelley Ferrence
  • I had two massages for back spasms by Kim within 3-4 days. Hands down Kim gives the best massage I have ever had, and that’s saying something because I have had many. She combines superb deep tissue technique with Thai stretching. She fixed me!

    chip goldsmith

    Wonderful1 Kim knows her stuff.. slept like a baby after massage removed all the stress!

    Heather McFarlin
  • Kim is an excellent yoga instructor as well as a great massage therapist.

    Austill Lott

    I’m pleased to say that my mom was truly happy with the massage she got for her 96th birthday gift. Thank you Relaxed Living Yoga and Massage for the wonderful experience you gave my mom at her health facility. She is paralyzed and coming to her made this gift possible. Thank you to the therapist from the bottom and my heart.

    Robin Best
  • Massage with Kim was not only therapeutic, it was deeply relaxing for mind and body. She is a gifted practitioner with the rare combination of strength, deep knowledge of the physical body, and a calming and rejuvenating spirit. Highly recommend and will be booking with Kim again and as often as possible. Thank you!

    Meredith Karney

    Kim was fantastic! Came to our place and made the experience very special. We will definitely be setting up other services soon.

    Matthew Schwarz
  • Kim is FANTASTIC! She really understood what my body needed and worked areas that were tight. Overall great massage and experience.

    Kim Richey

    Kim's session with our corporate team was stellar. I wish she was with us for longer. This was an introduction to EFT for me and afterwards, I felt so relaxed. Thanks, Kim!

    Andrea Bertossi

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