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What My Clients Say …

“I have been practicing yoga for quite some time in New York City. I have been to the finest spas like Miraval in Tuscon, Canyon Ranch Tuscon, and Lenox, as well as Rancho La Puerto in Mexico. Of all the instructors I have had, Kim is my favorite! Her method of teaching is extraordinary! She leads us through all the postures and breathing with care and enthusiasm. Her voice is incredibly soothing. Her guided relaxation at the end of class done with gentle massage and aromatherapy is like getting a delicious free warm chocolate chip cookie after dining that you didn’t expect the waitress to bring – such a gift!” – Dina Vamvakis

“My husband and I were treated to the best massages we have ever had this past Sunday morning. We have a lot to compare to as we have indulged in massages all over the world. Although the technique can vary slightly from country to country, essentially the experience is the same. We both agree, without reservation, that Kim Hough is the best Masseuse we’ve had, in fact, none have come even close and we would recommend her to anyone looking to create a spa experience in their home.” –Tanoa and Robert Poirier, Poirier Enterprises

“After years of dealing with Fibromyalgia, your yoga classes have become my salvation!  I just want to thank you for helping me to feel like myself again! After your first class I felt so good and your demeanor and instructions, the essential oils, your assists, etc. made me really excited for the next class. You have made yoga my good addiction and you give me the fix of good health! THANK YOU!! –Maria, Breamar Isle, Highland Beach 

“Kim is an absolutely fabulous massage therapist. Living in New York, I have tried the best spas in the world and have not found anyone with Kim’s spirit, technique, and tranquility. My first email after booking my flights to Florida is to arrange a massage with Kim… she turns every visit into a vacation. I just wish I could be a weekly client!”  – Stacy Green (NBC Universal)

“Her voice, her words, her presence… will empower you. In teaching us to be mindful of our thoughts and our breathing, Kim has allowed us to open our hearts and focus on the present in gratitude. She is a true professional who will change your life in every positive way!” – Royce Gussack

This was my fifth workshop with Kim.  All have been incredible!  I have been doing yoga for 2 years primarily for physical rehabilitation.  It has done wonders for flexibility and pain relief.   Kim’s classes have really helped.  Smooth voice, lots of guidance and tools, but the Tibetan Bowl Fusion Restorative workshop enabled me to get deeper both physically and mentally than I have before because of the postures and her coaching.  If you are interested in meditative healing, both physical and mental, this is it!” –Jon Bass

“We started our chair yoga with you at our daughter’s suggestion to help us with our stamina and balance and we are so grateful for the changes your training and guidance are bringing to us.  Your demeanor brings such a sense of peace and calms to us for that hour and your sense of humor makes it fun as well.  Thank you for coming into our lives!” – Elvira and Fred Wechter

“I’ve had massages done by several people, some at 5-star hotels & spas, but I was bitterly disappointed each time because it wasn’t Kim’s. I never get massages done by anyone else because they just don’t measure up to hers!” – Isabel Echarte

“I just happened to see the Director of Fitness outside the yoga room when I left your class and I told her “that was the BEST class I have taken in my entire life!! I was thrilled to be able to act on putting in a good word for you so immediately! Your class was truly amazing, your voice is so soothing, you have great energy – truthfully you emit such light it was visible with my eyes closed!” – Jill

“I have had a chronic neck and lower back problem for most of my adult life. I have tried physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and several visits to the chiropractor. None of these therapies completely ‘cured’ my discomfort from my pinched nerve or my extremely painful lower back problem. I just classified myself as someone who would always have some discomfort of varying degrees. Over the past two years, the range of motion in my neck became very limited, to the point where sleeping became very difficult.

Since moving to Florida I have attended Kim’s gentle yoga class as regularly as my schedule would permit. Gradually the range of motion in my neck has improved (to the point where I have no pain when I turn my head in either direction) and my lower back is so improved I no longer consider myself someone with a lower back problem!!

I definitely have Kim to thank for all of this! In addition to yoga, I always look forward to my massage with her!
From Canyon Ranch to Las Vegas to the Boca Resort, she is hands down the best massage I have ever had! Mizner Country Club is lucky to have her!!!” – Jill Zapson

I have participated in several of Kim’s workshops and yoga classes and she has helped me through difficult body issues. Three years ago my sister found out that she has breast cancer complicated by severe degeneration of her spine. She was severely compromised by neuropathy as well.

After mainstream chemo, radiation, morphine for pain, anti-spasmatic meds and several back surgeries she was brave enough to travel to Florida to be with family. 

We attended Kim’s recent “Stir Your Soul!” workshop with sound vibration, Chi Gong, Reiki and Guided Meditation. That morning at home started out rough for my sister and she almost canceled. She was in a fog and quite unsteady in her walking. Kim warmly welcomed us and my sister participated in the class activity and the deep meditation not certain what she could do or what to expect.

The results were amazing: increased balance, stress release, a greater range of motion, peaceful self-confidence, stabilized walking without need of the walker. Kim gently did several touch demos on her body and kept her in the circle of participants even when she needed to sit. Her spirit was refreshed and hope renewed! She said it was the best part of her trip!” – Beverly M. Gibson, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist – Body Somatic Ed., Integrative Therapist, MNLP, Lic. Drug & Alcohol Counselor (NJ / FL)

“Kim’s Meditation class at Woodfield Country Club eludes proper description as words are hard to describe the depth and richness of this class. Yes, meditation techniques are taught but Kim goes so far above and beyond incorporating editorials, articles, and sharing personal experience all eliciting potent and stimulating discussion for all of us and make us feel as if we are more in a course on “a handbook for living” rather than just a meditation class. It is by far my favorite hour of the week and I look forward to it!” – NORMA

“I just wanted to share that I had tried yoga many times before, but it just didn’t stick.  This year when I went to your Yoga class by the water, I felt so comfortable.  The experience was so relaxing and peaceful. I did not feel embarrassed about not knowing what I as doing. Your voice kept me calm and in the moment. You taught me to notice the little things-like UN-clenching my fingers and relaxing my jaw-WOW what a difference it makes to be aware of such things.  I now love yoga and go to several different classes, including your special classes: Yoga Nidra and Fusion Restorative Yoga, where I find such Peace & Relaxation all of this is due to that first class I took with you where I felt you were speaking directly to me!  Thank you- YOU are a Blessing in my life!” – Heidi Robert

“I can’t find anyone in Montreal that teaches Yoga and Meditation close to your quality of instruction! Scheduling privates with you is the first thing I do when I know when I am going to be in Florida and is the highlight of my trip!” Elaine Browne

“Once again, I was totally amazed by your workshop!! The Tibetan Bowl Restorative Workshop was very relaxing, unique and healing. I have felt very good this week due to this class. I believe that certain positions within the class were quite beneficial especially for my knees and hips which are bone-in-bone. Inversion positions are so helpful in pain alleviation. I can’t explain how awesome the vibrational healing was for me. My body obviously responded to the vibrational healing and movement in this workshop in a profoundly positive way. I want to do it again!!

Also, as a substance abuse therapist, I have used your Chakra balancing CD in several of my group sessions. Last Friday night, I played it for a group of 12 newly recovering addicts who had undergone many situations in their lives that were quite challenging for them.

They were transformed from a fearful outlook to a living place in their hearts. I believe that your voice has a lot to do with the effect of the information (very peaceful). Afterward, we passed a Native American talking stick around the group (kept it dark) and all members of the group were able to be open, trusting, and active in sharing what came from their hearts! WOW! Great way to end a difficult week for all involved!

Many Thanks and keep spreading your love and light!” – Kim Farr

“Dear Kim – Your yoga class by the sea at Atlantic Dunes Park is so awesome! For over a year, I’ve been searching for a yoga instructor to replace the one I had that moved away. No other instructors have even come close to her level of expertise… except for you (and then some!).  You “knocked it out of the park!!  Thanks again.  Namaste.” – Pamela S. Kenyon

“I am one of those Florida “snowflakes”.

I travel back and forth to Florida during the season.  When I am there I try not to miss your yoga classes.  They are so spiritual, inspiring & uplifting while getting some exercise. Your voice and demeanor are so soothing! I really wish I could take you up to New Jersey with me! Namaste ??” – Judy Cohen

Written to the Director of Fitness at Woodfield Country Club:
“I’d like to share with you my experience in Kim’s AMAZING 4th of July class. She themed our practice to “Freedom.” It was very interesting how she compared our Founding Fathers writing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, two documents about the pursuit of happiness and “liberty and justice for all” to what yoga is all about and how “freedom” relates to our own practice. We practiced to an inspiring playlist including some patriotic songs.  She did her homework and surprised us with new poses, asanas, and stretches as she taught us the benefits and how they relate to our anatomy. Kim’s classes are never boring or repetitive! Kim Hough Never Ceases to Amaze!” – Marilyn Brooks

“The Restorative Yoga workshop was a wonderful experience!  My stress came down to zero degrees, and my awareness came up to about one hundred! That fully present calm has stayed with me so far.  The others in our group also raved about it, two of them who had no prior yoga experience. They are inspired to learn more about yoga classes because they felt so great afterward, so I truly thank you for that.” – Michaella

“Thank you! You are such a blessing to our Community! I LOVED the Yoga Nidra guided meditation experience and the “Stir Your Soul!” evening of Kirtan, Drumming, Reiki & Guided Meditation. The Kirtan was more of a release. The Yoga Nidra touched my soul! Before the Yoga Nidra experience, I was not sleeping, waking up all night. For the past couple of days, I get so sleepy at bedtime and then sleep peacefully through the night! It’s wonderful! I wake up smiling now. : )  I asked God for help and here you are! I so appreciate you sharing your gifts! Namaste!” – Charlotte Mcobb

“I’ve experienced massage therapy in many different countries and from practitioners trained in various disciplines, but I found your eclectic approach and instinctual expertise quite unique. While of course, massage treatment is basically a tactile experience, I appreciated your including of the other senses so necessary for total immersion. Your use of aromatic oils for the olfactory sense; moist heat, & soothing music for the auditory all contribute to the total beneficial experience. Of course, your sensitivity to the client’s overall well-being and your “magic touch” are the chief ingredient creating a great result! Thanks again.” –Elaina Zuker, author and psychologist

“I love your presentations in your workshops! You make everything so relevant and simple to understand! It is your calm, soothing and informative presence that everyone comes for! Your explanation of the Chakras at the beginning of the Chakra Journey guided meditation and your hand out at the end tying it all together was wonderful. You are consistently a consummate professional! Thank you!” – Paula

“I have traveled around the world and have taken yoga classes in the finest places including Canyon Ranch and the Kripalu Center, you are the most brilliant teacher I have had and the best massage ever!” –Ruth Rosenberg

“I really liked the Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation! I have an unknown neurological disorder which has affected my right side. I am legally blind in my right eye, my right gait is very weak, and toes on the right foot are curled. 
 I was astounded the next day when I felt stronger on my right side than I have in over a year!”  Now I write to tell you that each Yoga Nidra session with you I continue to get stronger – it’s your voice and energy – love it! Thank you!!” –
Hazel Rudich

“My first time attending one of your workshops was by far the best and most exhilarating session I have ever experienced! I felt energized, in-tune, open, clear and balanced and am still maintaining that blissful feeling 24 hours later! I am incorporating some of the techniques you taught in my daily routine.  The combination of Yoga, Reiki, Chi Gong and sound vibration with bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, drums, and gongs really helped me to float away along with your sweet voice & guidance. All I can say is “WOW!” – Marci Jacobs

“As you know I started Yoga at the suggestion of my neurologist after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This past week’s experience was something I wanted to share with you.  After having eight private sessions of Yoga with you it finally clicked and I can’t tell you how HUGE this was for me. 

“Being a type-A personality and having to be in control and perfect – I surrendered.  I had out of town guests staying with us for several days and actually allowed them to participate in helping prepare, serve and clear our dinner meal. In the past, I would never let anyone near the kitchen or help me. I believe they actually felt more at ease, comfortable and enjoyed their visit more, I know I did, and for the first time I had the awareness of the positive effects in my body from releasing the need to be in control.

I am beginning to fully understand the amazing benefits of Yoga. I am so glad the research my son did connected me to you!. It has been so rewarding and helpful for me! Wow, I am understanding how my control issues and perfectionism tendencies are creating rigidity in my body!” – LS

“I’ve been struggling to find the right words to describe the three workshops I’ve attended that you have facilitated. Life-altering may be too strong an adjective, but certainly, thanks to your leadership my life has changed for the better in many ways.

I’ve been to many, many yoga-based workshops over the past few decades and few compare the level of care and professionalism that you reach.  I feel safe in your hands because you thoroughly prepare and explain what’s going to happen each time and your passion for helping others shines through. In my first workshop which was Restorative, I came in sore and hurting and left feeling great-no hip pain. The Yoga Nidra took me to a meditative level that calmed my mind so I felt healthier inside as well as out. And the icing on the cake was yesterday’s Reiki. I’m glad we reviewed the “tapping” tips to boost the immune and lymphatic systems.

They’ve become part of my daily routine along with brushing my teeth! The guided meditation that followed was probably the deepest I’ve experienced. During the Reiki session with the Reiki Master I had, I did feel a release in my tight shoulders but to be frank, it was secondary to your warmup. I would be amiss if I did not mention the beauty of live musicians -Jamie and Val-who added so much to set the mood and tone for the workshops. It’s the total experience you provide that has me hooked. You prepare meticulously, execute flawlessly, and share your knowledge in an intelligent but comprehensive way. I love the way you tackle so-called New Age theories and topics logically and with compassion. Thank you so much.” – Lynn Allison

“I never liked massage! I thought I was one of the few that didn’t as everyone I know loves them. I now find myself looking forward to my hour with the peson that has transformed me mentally and physically! From the time I walk into my appointment with Kim, my mind and my body are soothed and relaxed and I now know for the first time what it is like to go from a Type A personality to a B (even if it is only for an hour!)! Kim is professional, extremely knowledgable, caring, interesting and a very giving person. I feel SO lucky to have found her!” – Paula Shapiro

“Just wanted to send a note about the CDs I purchased.

I listen to the Sublime Sleep every night.  I usually wake up in the middle of the night in pain and the stillness in the cd is so peaceful that it eases my mind.  Your relaxation techniques are the best I’ve heard! 
The music, especially at the last 10-15 minutes – I imagine it’s like heaven.  I would like it to last longer.  🙂 You did an excellent job and I recommend it to anyone having sleep difficulties.  Perfect name – it is Sublime!

The Chakra CD is also superb and informative.  It does help me go through each chakra and focus on healing. That’s always a good thing! I am working on healing.  I appreciate the tools you’ve provided. 🙂 

Your work is always amazing! Thank you so much!” –
Charlotte McCobb

“Thank you for the best massage ever! Your table with its adjustable headrest was very comfortable.  The music combined with the healing fragrance of eucalyptus was very soothing.  Best of all was your intuitive sense of what my body needed. Also, I want to order that massage cream you used, I felt like I was covered with flowing silk!” –Margery Diamond

“I arrived in Cashiers, NC  feeling old mentally and physically and with pain in my right hip. I skeptically went to learn Yoga and after 2 amazing sessions with Kim feel 20 years younger and have no pain.

Thank you, Kim, for a phenomenal experience and for helping me honor my body and mind as I have in the past!” – Fleur Frank

“You meticulously structure your workshops to gather and then release energy so that what is needed remains—and what is not, is released. The healing that you do should be harnessed, patented and given to everyone who wants to experience true peace. Thank you!” –Lynn Allison

“As you know, I was visiting friends when I had the opportunity to participate in your Super Stretch For Men class.  It was wonderful!

Your pacing of the exercises, clear explanation of why and how to do each exercise, concern about our not overdoing the stretch, the alternative stretches for those who weren’t able to do the prescribed one and the supportive encouragement you gave along the way made the class so enjoyable while achieving the stretching goals.

And, the after-effects of the class were noticeable in greater flexibility, easier walking, deeper and more regular breathing and greater ability to function in everyday activities with less effort.

I have taken yoga, stretch, Pilates and various exercise classes in different parts of the country, and you are among the very best of instructors!” – Henry Ewalt

“I never truly believed in the healing power of massage until my first Thai massage with Kim. I swear Kim has magic hands. I can literally feel stress and tension melt away as she works over my muscles. She is amazingly talented in her movements. At times, she’ll have both of her legs, her hands, and arms/elbows simultaneously massaging and stretching my body! She is soothing in both her words and motions. I walk away feeling two inches taller and as if my spine is as flexible as a jellyfish! Kim’s Thai massage is simply the most amazing massage I’ve ever experienced!!” – Janis Coughlin

“Your Yoga Nidra Meditation workshop touched my soul! Before this experience, I was not sleeping well – waking up many times during the night, for the past few days I was able to sleep peacefully through the night – it’s wonderful! I wake up smiling and I want you to know I appreciate you sharing your gifts. I also just purchased your guided meditation CD’s and both are awesome and I love listening to your soothing and supportive voice!”– Anonymous

“Kim just wanted to let you know your stretching classes have improved my golf game dramatically. Since I started attending the classes some two months ago I have added 15-20 yards of distance off the tee. But, it does stop there, I am hitting my irons longer and with more accuracy as well!” – Howard Dinsmore, Burlingame Country Club Member, NC

“Kim, you have done a heck of a service for me and others here at the Burlingame Country Club. The Super Stretch for Men Only held bi-weekly turned out to be one of the best things anyone can do for their golf or tennis game. It helped me in being able to make a better turn on the golf ball which increased my distant by 20 percent. It has improved my overall game by 25 or 30 percent.

The real kicker was the Thai massage which really complemented the Super Stretch. I’ve had two back surgeries and a knee replacement within the last 19 months and I can truthfully state that you have helped my flexibility immensely and for that I am grateful!  In my opinion, you have been a great asset to our club!” –  Don Livingston

“Thanks for such a wonderfully relaxing massage!  I would have to say that was the best massage I have ever had! My neck feels so much better. Thank you for your gifted healing hands!” – Holly Johnson – Burlingame CC, NC

“As an avid exerciser, I wasn’t all that interested in yoga because I felt it was too sedentary. After taking Kim’s yoga class in the mountains of North Carolina I was overwhelmed by the natural high that it gave me. It was peaceful and exhilarating at the same time and my body felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It created mind, body awareness that I have never experienced with my other exercise routines. Yoga combined with my normal exercise routine will bring me to the next level of wellness. Thank you, Kim!” – Lorri Silverman

“I felt like I had a two-hour body and mind massage after taking your Restorative Yoga with Live Music workshop! Your vibe and compassionate positive nurturing energy is intoxicating!” – Marilyn Brooks

“Thanks, Kim for organizing It’s Time To “Stir Your Soul!” – such a special event. I cannot believe you assembled such a stellar group of performers, musicians, and spiritual leaders. You are a gift to our community!” – Lynn Allison

“Thank you for organizing such a special day with It’s Time To “Stir Your Soul!”. My body reverberated for hours after your guided meditation and crystal bowls. I slept better that night than I have in weeks.” – Barbara Weinberg

“I want to tell you how your Yoga Nidra Meditation affected me…
We all have these moments of clarity that come and go, however, after participating in this meditation experience I was having continuous days of peace and clarity and I contribute this to this class of such calming energy…

I have now attended 2 and I have had different but enlightening clarity results from both, I guess we could use words like unblocking, cleansing, energy moving, bad moving out, good moving in?  I will attend again, so hurry and have another…” –
John Vallone

“Thank you again, Kim, for the most wonderful yoga experience during my wedding weekend at the end of January. You are an incredible person with such positive energy and I am so lucky that we were able to have you teach us. All of my friends can’t stop raving about you!

Thank you again. Here are some pictures of the class.” –
Sloane Beinhacker

“I purchased the Chakra Journey CD, and it has been the most beneficial guided meditation I have ever heard. When I listen to the Chakra journey meditation to clear and balance my Chakras, I deeply experience the flow of divine energy pulsating through my being in a powerfully moving way. Kim’s description of each Chakra, visualizations, and affirmations for each, guides my mind, reminding me of the Truth about my Self.

The combination with the music – slow, heart-pulse-sounds with sustained tones & melodies, in the keys that resonate with each Chakra – leaves me with a feeling of freedom of movement through each region of my physical body, especially where I had felt blocked before, in the hips and low back. I really enjoy listening to the CD, and as a bonus, it is also helping me synthesize what I’m learning in my yoga teacher training courses.

Every time I listen to it I hear new things and have an even deeper experience. It is a pleasure to recommend this beautiful offering.” –
Kim Kish

“I have eagerly attended a number of Kim Hough’s sessions. Kim is a wonderful teacher who exudes, what I call, the three R’s…… relaxation, renewal and relief of anxiety and stress. She is a wonderful, calm, patient person and I am grateful to be able to take advantage of her talents.

For at least 24 hours or more, after the session, my mind and body are calm. I do practice what she has taught me and I am a better person for doing that.” – Edith Lee Grey

“You are such an amazing instructor. I love your classes and words and gentleness. You always give me hope and help me focus on my body and mind.” – Melina Crabtree

“You are the lady with the most magical hands – the best massage ever! Thank you for all that you do for me.” – Suzanne Gelb

“The best massage I ever had! Sorry to be returning to New York!” – Ellen Rothman

“To experience a massage with Kim is one of the greatest joys in my life. I always feel like a new person afterward. She is very special.” – Maxine Winick

“Yoga with Kim is an ongoing journey of strengthening my body and my mind. Through soulful music and precise instruction accompanied by demonstration, Kim’s classes have challenged my body to stretch and balance beyond my expectations.

She has helped me come back from a bad fall that resulted in a broken leg and sprained ankle. Her soothing voice and spiritual manner have made yoga an important priority in my life.” –
Bonnie Feit

“I’ve had massages done by several people, some at 5-star hotels & spas, but I was bitterly disappointed each time because it wasn’t Kim’s. I never get massages done by anyone else because they just don’t measure up to hers!” – Isabel Echarte

“Kim, without you I would not have the peace and serenity that I wake up each morning with. You have changed who I am for the better.”
Rona Zelinka

“You are an inspiration and an incredibly gifted teacher!” – Nord and Suzanne Brue

“Kim is an excellent massage therapist and one of her specialties is Thai massage. I have been using her expert healing hands for over a year and the results to my shoulder have been amazing. I had very limited movement before. Remember Bob Hope had a massage every day and had his massage therapist travel with him. He lived to be over 100! Treat yourself and enjoy, it is worth it!” – Elliott Packer

“I have been going to Kim for massages for a little over 1 year now. After being involved in a very serious automobile accident and struggling with my strength and ease of mobility, I find that going to Kim for a massage is just as vital to my physical recovery as the physical therapy I engage in.

When I started I was in a wheelchair and now I am using a cane as needed.

I have told Kim that sessions with her are not only relaxing and helpful physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. She likes to incorporate calming music and healing quotes that I find help me put things better in perspective.

I walk into a session with Kim tight as a rod, and leave feeling as loose as a goose and can actually feel and see immediate effects in my body’s alignment from the work she did on me.” –
Jordan Weiner

“I have been practicing yoga for 9 years and I attended Kim’s Restorative Yoga Paired with Tibetan Bowls workshop in May 2009. For the first time in a long time, the emotional walls that I had placed in my life surrounding relationships were melted away and I felt a sense of peace.

I am on a journey of self-discovery and this class placed me on a healing path to further develop my emotional acceptance of who I am in order to place me in a position of joy & peace rather than confusion & unhappiness.

I am grateful to have found an outlet for me to seek forgiveness in order to move forward into daily joy.” –
Christine S.

“I have been attending your relaxing yoga classes with Tibetan bowls and others with live music for the past year and I must say that the last class in Delray was really amazing! You definitely have a gift and I want to thank you for sharing your gift with others.” – Diane Spears

Testimonials on the guided meditation CD’s:

“Your guided meditation CD’s are perfect for achieving full relaxation and a restful sleep. Your soothing voice and powerful words help the listener focus on the moment and put the stress of the day behind. I feel that my emotional energy is renewed and I am centered as well.” –Melina Stapfer Crabtree

“Kim’s voice is mellow and soothing. The content flows resulting in a feeling of pure pleasure and delight for the listener.” – Ellen Rothman

“I listen to the Sublime Sleep every night.  I usually wake up in the middle of the night in pain and the stillness in the cd is so peaceful that it eases my mind.  Your relaxation techniques are the best I’ve heard!

The music, especially at the last 10-15 minutes – I imagine it’s like heaven.  I would like it to last longer.  🙂 You did an excellent job and I recommend it to anyone having sleep difficulties.  Perfect name – it is Sublime!

The Chakra CD is also superb and informative.  It does help me go through each chakra and focus on healing. That’s always a good thing! I am working on healing.  I appreciate the tools you’ve provided. 🙂 

Your work is always amazing! Thank you so much!” – Charlotte McCobb

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