Medical & Therapeutic Yoga with Massage

Are you in pain, having trouble sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, overweight? Do you want to improve your health and navigate life more relaxed and with ease and joy?

We work in partnership with medical doctors to support your health and well-being!

We see many clients with Auto-Immune Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, etc.

Medical and Therapeutic Yoga with Massage

What Do Our Medical and Therapeutic Yoga with Massage Sessions Address?

Our sessions are designed to address the foundational causes of your pain including:
• Restrictions in range of motion
• Muscle imbalances
• Lack of joint space
• Weakness of supportive muscles along the spine and joints

What is the Goal of Medical and Therapeutic Yoga with Massage?

Our goal is to maximize healing, accelerate recovery, restore balance in the mind and body connection.

Many feel empowered and improve the quality of their health integrating the mind/body holistic practices of yoga, meditation, breath techniques, Chi Gong, massage and energy healing modalities like Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in conjunction with traditional medicine.

What Is a Health Coach

We use food as medicine to help unlock the body’s ability to selfheal.

A Health Coach is a health promoter, educator, and active partner in unlocking each client’s potential to maximize his or her own healthy lifestyle choices.

We provide education on how to use nutritious food to help restore health.

We are licensed in Advanced Food Healing and are certified Health Coaches through the American Council of Exercise.

Gift Certificates Available.

Click here to learn more and schedule a free consult.

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