Guided Mindfulness Hikes

Mindfulness for enhanced performance:

Guided Mindfulness Hike

Upgrade your inner technology of attention — for greater focus, productivity, to reduce stress and discover our way of Relaxed Living!

Mindfulness is a lifestyle that prioritizes living in the present moment. It’s in the activities taking you deeper than your thoughts. The body is fundamental to mindfulness. It’s not only a vehicle for life when you move it, but it also becomes a tool for bringing yourself into the now.

What Will I Gain from a Private Guided Mindfulness Hike?

Guided Mindfulness Hike

Our private guided Mindfulness hikes will help you gain a heightened state of awareness. Basic Tai Chi, meditation tools, and energy medicine techniques will be taught throughout our time together, in the most amazing and gorgeous settings imaginable.

Contact us to provide an opportunity for you, your friends and family to connect with nature in a whole new way!

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