Retreats & Excursions

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away!

Relaxed Living retreats and excursions

Relaxed Living designs and delivers customized mind, body and spirit renewal retreats locally (even 1/2 day and full day or weekend retreats are life-changing) and to breathtaking locations overseas for individuals, groups, and businesses.

We have had requests to incorporate cooking classes, art therapy, wine tastings, tours with local guides, etc. Tell us what locations and activities are on your bucket list in the form below and you will receive a complimentary guided meditation.

Why a Relaxed Living Retreat or Excursion?

Taking a break away from everything and focusing on ourselves, our habits, our thoughts, and our goals can give us back our deeper purpose.  In order to grow, we need time and space.

Image yourself in an exotic location feeling so tranquil and relaxed connected to nature. You breathe the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze on your skin, your senses heighten and your mind begins to quiet and clear.

Examples of Relaxed Living Retreats and Excursions

Relaxed Living retreats and excursions

Our hikes, bike rides and many of our excursions include Tai Chi & Chi Gong to cultivate and increase your energy along with meditation tools.

Studies show how Guided Meditations in inspiring locations combined with yoga’s breathing techniques will rejuvenate your entire body, promote overall health and well-being and invoke relaxation!

Pathway to Health and Happiness

Harmony of mind, body, and spirit is the pathway to health and happiness. But to reach harmony, sometimes one must retreat!  Previous participants report that even our local half-day and full-day retreats have been life-changing!

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