Nutrition Education

Using Food as Medicine

We see many clients with Auto-Immune Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, etc.

What we choose to put into our bodies every day makes a dramatic impact on our health and well-being. Much of the food we eat is creating inflammation in our body and conversely, there are many food items that decrease inflammation. As a certified Health Coach, Kim provides education on how to use nutritious food to help restore health and clear up any misperceptions.

Nutrition Education


Nutrition Education

Digestion is a complex biological process and a primary way in which we interface with the world. When we’re stressed, our digestion gets out of sync, which can lead to a host of maladies, both physical and emotional. Plus stress can promote weight gain—many people turn to food when they’re stressed, and the choices made are often not the healthiest.

Many feel empowered and the quality of their health significantly improves when they integrate the mind/body holistic practices of yoga, meditation, breath techniques, Chi Gong to increase and cultivate energy, massage, and energy healing modalities like Reiki in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Our Nutrition Makes a Difference

Nutrition Education

 How and what we consume in our meals makes a difference. Nutrition is now a big part of Integrative Medicine and offers a variety of dietary choices that provide an empowering means to prevent and even treat many diseases. 

Through food, mindfulness, exercise, meditation, and detoxifying practices, we come back to ourselves and establish perfect health.

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What my clients have to say …

“Kim is absolutely fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable about health and wellness. (As a cancer survivor this is incredibly important to me.)

I especially love how she incorporates food as medicine into our sessions, helping me not only look better but I’m actually feeling better as well. Thanks, Kim!” – Chrissy White

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