Lynn Allison

“I’ve been struggling to find the right words to describe the three workshops I’ve attended that you have facilitated. Life altering may be too strong an adjective, but certainly, thanks to your leadership my life has changed for the better in many ways.

I’ve been to many, many yoga-based workshops over the past few decades and few compare the level of care and professionalism that you reach.  I feel safe in your hands because you thoroughly prepare and explain what’s going to happen each time and your passion for helping others shines through. In my first workshop which was Restorative, I came in sore and hurting and left feeling great-no hip pain. The Yoga Nidra took me to a meditative level that calmed my mind so I felt healthier inside as well as out. And the icing on the cake was yesterday’s Reiki. I’m glad we reviewed the “tapping” tips to boost the immune and lymphatic systems.

They’ve become part of my daily routine along with brushing my teeth! The guided meditation that followed was probably the deepest I’ve experienced. During the Reiki session with the Reiki Master I had, I did feel a release in my tight shoulders but to be frank, it was secondary to your warmup. I would be amiss if I did  not mention the beauty of live musicians -Jamie and Val-who added so much to setting the mood and tone for the workshops. It’s the total experience you provide that has me hooked. You prepare meticulously, execute flawlessly, and share your knowledge in an intelligent but comprehensive way. I love the way you tackle so-called New Age theories and topics logically and with compassion. Thank you so much.”

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