“As you know I started Yoga at the suggestion of my neurologist after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This past week’s experience was something I wanted to share with you.  After having eight private sessions of Yoga with you it finally clicked and I can’t tell you how HUGE this was for me. 

Being a type A personality and having to be in control and perfect – I surrendered.  I had out of town guests staying with us for several days and actually allowed them to participate in helping prepare, serve and clear our dinner meal. In the past, I would never let anyone near the kitchen or help me. I believe they actually felt more at ease, comfortable and enjoyed their visit more, I know I did, and for the first time I had the awareness of the positive effects in my body from releasing the need to be in control.

I am beginning to fully understand the amazing benefits of Yoga. I am so glad the research my son did connected me to you!. It has been so rewarding and helpful for me! Wow, I am understanding how my control issues and perfectionism tendencies are creating rigidity in my body!”

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