Kim Kish

“I purchased the Chakra Journey CD, and it has been the most beneficial guided meditation I have ever heard. When I listen to the Chakra journey meditation to clear and balance my Chakras, I deeply experience the flow of divine energy pulsating through my being in a powerfully moving way. Kim’s description of each Chakra, visualizations, and affirmations for each, guides my mind, reminding me of the Truth about my Self. The combination with the music – slow, heart-pulse-sounds with sustained tones & melodies, in the keys that resonate with each Chakra – leaves me with a feeling of freedom of movement through each region of my physical body, especially where I had felt blocked before, in the hips and low back. I really enjoy listening to the CD, and as a bonus, it is also helping me synthesize what I’m learning in my yoga teacher training courses. Every time I listen to it I hear new things and have an even deeper experience. It is a pleasure to recommend this beautiful offering.”

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