Kim Farr

“Once again, I was totally amazed by your workshop!! The Tibetan Bowl Restorative Workshop was very relaxing, unique and healing. I have felt very good this week due to this class. I believe that certain positions within the class were quite beneficial especially for my knees and hips which are bone in bone. Inversion positions are so helpful in pain alleviation. I can’t explain how awesome the vibrational healing was for me. My body obviously responded to the vibrational healing and movement in this workshop in a profoundly positive way. I want to do it again!!

Also, as a substance abuse therapist I have used your Chakra balancing CD in several of my group sessions. Last Friday night, I played it for a group of 12 newly recovering addicts who had undergone many situations in their lives that were quite challenging for them.

They were transformed from a fearful outlook to a living place in their hearts. I believe that your voice has a lot to do with the effect of the information (very peaceful). Afterward we passed a Native American talking stick around the group (kept it dark) and all members of the group were able to be open, trusting, and active in sharing what came from their hearts! WOW! Great way to end a difficult week for all involved!

Many Thanks and keep spreading your love and light!”

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