Jill Zapson

“I have had a chronic neck and lower back problem for most of my adult life. I have tried physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and several visits to the chiropractor. None of these therapies completely ‘cured’ my discomfort from my pinched nerve, or my extremely painful lower back problem. I just classified myself as someone who would always have some discomfort of varying degrees. Over the past two years the range of motion in my neck became very limited, to the point where sleeping became very difficult.

Since moving to Florida I have attended Kim’s gentle yoga class as regularly as my schedule would permit. Gradually the range of motion in my neck has improved (to the point where I have no pain when I turn my head in either direction) and my lower back is so improved I no longer consider myself someone with a lower back problem!!

I definitely have Kim to thank for all of this! In addition to yoga, I always look forward to my  massage with her!
From Canyon Ranch to Las Vegas to the Boca Resort, she is hands down the best massage I have ever had! Mizner Country Club is lucky to have her!!!”

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