Charlotte McCobb

“Just wanted to send a note about the CDs I purchased.

I listen to the Sublime Sleep every night.  I usually wake up in the middle of the night in pain and the stillness in the cd is so peaceful that it eases my mind.  Your relaxation techniques are the best I’ve heard!
The music, especially at the last 10-15 minutes – I imagine it’s like heaven.  I would like it to last longer.  🙂 You did an excellent job and I recommend it to anyone having sleep difficulties.  Perfect name – it is Sublime!

The Chakra CD is also superb and informative.  It does help me go through each chakra and focus on healing. That’s always a good thing! I am working on healing.  I appreciate the tools you’ve provided. 🙂

Your work is always amazing!Thank you so much!”

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