Beverly M. Gibson, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist – Body Somatic Ed., Integrative Therapist, MNLP, Lic. Drug & Alcohol Counselor (NJ / FL)

I have participated in several of Kim’s workshops and yoga classes and she has helped me through difficult body issues. Three years ago my sister found out that she has breast cancer complicated by severe degeneration of her spine. She was severely compromised by neuropathy as well.

After mainstream chemo, radiation, morphine for pain, anti-spasmatic meds and several back surgeries she was brave enough to travel to Florida to be with family. 

We attended Kim’s recent “Stir Your Soul!” workshop with sound vibration, Chi Gong, Reiki and Guided Meditation. That morning at home started out rough for my sister and she almost canceled. She was in a fog and quite unsteady in her walking. Kim warmly welcomed us and my sister participated in the class activity and the deep meditation not certain what she could do or what to expect.

The results were amazing: increased balance, stress release, greater range of motion, peaceful self confidence, stabilized walking without need of the walker. Kim gently did several touch demos on her body and kept her in the circle of participants even when she needed to sit. Her spirit was refreshed and hope renewed! She said it was the best part of her trip!”

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