"You are such an amazing instructor. I love your classes and words and gentleness. You always give me hope and help me focus on my body and mind."

- Melina Stapfer Crabtree

Corporate Programs

I facilitate classes and programs for Office Depot, JM Family Enterprises, Ernst and Young, etc. Having spent 18 years in high profile sales, marketing, and management positions, I am very comfortable relating to corporate management and employees and know how employee morale and work environment directly affect the bottom line. This has compelled me to create Relaxation & Stress Reduction Techniques classes, Mindfulness Living and Meditation and Chair Yoga on site to alleviate tension, increase morale and promote overall health and well-being. 

Corporate Wellness Programs are linked to a 25% reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, a 25% reduction in health costs and 32% reduction in workers compensation and disability costs according to a an analysis of studies by Edelman Intelligence.

Declare a Mental Health Day!

In today’s workplace we have the ability to move information around the world in seconds, meeting face-to-face with people on other continents with the click of a button. Employees are driving themselves to do more, to achieve more, to do everything faster; and spending more time with electronic devices than with friends and family, all of which seems to result in a fragmented, over-stressed, and hectic unhealthy way of life.

In a survey of nearly 20,000 workers, The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review found that 69% were physically exhausted, emotionally drained, distracted and lacking purpose.

We continue to hone technology to a fine edge, yet remain largely and surprisingly ignorant about the functioning of our own minds. Many people do not know how to consciously focus their concentration, or how to find peace and balance in their own lives.

Due to ever increasing challenges in today’s workplace, many people are experiencing the signs of stress. My company provides a multifaceted approach that teaches people to manage stress, deepen concentration, and increase a sense of satisfaction at work and in life. Programs consist of training in mindfulness meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and stress reduction techniques conducted on or off site in a time frame that works best for you.

I also provide licensed chair massage therapists who are highly skilled and personally screened.

Chair massage is a typically a 10 - 15 minute massage administered while fully clothed, focusing on the high-tension areas of the neck, shoulders, and back using a specially designed chair that sets up easily and in a small space. Chair massage is especially effective in providing many therapeutic benefits and fosters a real sense that the company cares.

Your investment is $85 an hour or employees can pay by the minute and a gratuity can be given at your discretion.

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